Most new players will eventually feel stuck with their progression, finding it hard to increase their CP. That's normal, it's a grinding game after all. However, here's some tips for making your progression a little bit faster. This guide will be updated as often as possible to account for...

Boost your CP

Most new players will eventually feel stuck with their progression, finding it hard to increase their CP. That's normal, it's a grinding game after all. However, here's some tips for making your progression a little bit faster.

This guide will be updated as often as possible to account for new content.

  1. Gear
  2. Knowledge
  3. Black Spirit Level
  4. Collection
  5. Passive Skills
  6. Outfits

1. Gear

Your first focus will be acquiring 2 slot yellow gear (Grunil armor, Liverto weapon and Rosar sub-weapon) so you can add 2 AP crystals into them.


Don't sit on your black stones, use them all to enhance your items. You should prioritize main weapon, sub-weapon, armor, helmet then gloves and shoes.

When all your items reach a certain enhancement level, you will receive a resonance bonus, so you should focus on getting your items to your next resonance level.



Every weapon/armor piece can be enchanted using Magical Residue by going to Black Spirit -> Enchant Gear. The residue is obtained by feeding gear to the black spirit. You can find a list of the residue amount you get for any kind of item here.

Every time you enchant an item, you get a random bonus with a random value. Different slots have different possible enchants and the higher the rarity of the item, the higher the maximum value of the enchant can be.


Don't spend all your residue on a single item. If you get a decent roll, keep it and move on to the next item.

Note: When you reroll an enchant, if the new one is worse than the old one, use the restore function. If you keep rerolling without restoring, the game will automatically apply the previous enchant, which means you can lose a good roll if you're not paying attention.


Each weapon/armor piece has either 1 or 2 crystal slots. Early on you should fill the slots with blue rarity AP crystals. After that, replace them with purple rarity AP crystals as they are pretty easy to get by crafting purple crystals box in camp, using the Alchemy Lab.


Any of the four lightstone types can have AP or DP as a sub-stat. Yellow lightstones have 2 sub-stats, while orange lightstones have 3 sub-stats. You'll want to prioritize lightstones with AP and/or DP. However, if you get a lightstone that's purple rarity or higher and has a good Critical Hit Damage roll, you may want to use that.



Early on you will get some blue accessories from the main story, which you're gonna use and enhance as much as you can. I strongly suggest not buying them, but doing the story again on another character to get more instead. You can create a character that's the same class and transfer all your gear using the Storage in your camp, which should make the story much easier to run the second time.

If you fail an accessory enhancement, you will have to use Silver or Restoration scrolls to keep your current enhancement, otherwise it will go back to 0. You can find a list of the restoration costs for each accessory here.

Keep all the Black Pearls you get to buy yourself a set of yellow accessories (skip purple accessories) as soon as possible because of their resonance bonus.


Pay attention to in-game events all the time, as some of them offer yellow accessories for free. If you're about to get one from an event, don't buy any until after you got it because the events usually give them out in a random accessory box, so you may end up with a duplicate slot.

Bonus Effects

When you reach certain base CP thresholds, you'll get extra bonuses, including AP and DP. The base CP is your total CP minus the bonus CP, which you can see at the bottom of the Bonus Effects window.



There's 3 types of relics: AP, DP and Hybrid. You will want a hybrid relic, as it provides more CP than an AP or DP one. AP relics are still useful for farming zones where you don't need more DP, or for bosses so, don't ditch them if you've got a good one laying around.

To enhance your relic, you will need one extra of the same type. The enhancement is not guarantee to succeed and if it fails, you will be required to use Silver or Restoration Scrolls to keep your enhancement. You can find a list of the restoration costs for each relic here.

Blue relics are pretty common so, in the beginning you can easily enhance a blue hybrid one a few times. Later on, you will want to replace it with a purple hybrid relic (Ronard Relic) and enhance it every time you get the chance. If you've got extra different relics, you can exchange them at Shakatu to get one of the same type you have and use it to enhance. The regular Exchange Certificates will swap out your relic to a random one, while the Designated certificates allow you to chose what relic you want.

Yellow/Orange relics are extremely rare, so getting them without being extremely lucky or spending some good amount of money isn't really gonna happen, which is why I recommend sticking to purples as you'll get plenty of opportunities to enhance them.

2. Knowledge

General Knowledge

There's all sorts of knowledge that can give you AP or DP through the game. Just head over to the Knowledge menu and filter by Unattained, then scroll through the list.


Boss Knowledge

Each boss in the game (Boss Rush, Guild Boss, World Boss) gives bonus stats for gaining knowledge. You gain knowledge by killing the respective boss. You will also get more bonuses for every 5 total knowledge levels (the sum of all the boss knowledge levels).

Clear Boss Rush difficulties and Ancient Ruins as often as you can to level up your knowledge and get Shakatu Coins. Try not to miss World Boss as you've got a chance for some good loot, plus, it's a good source of Black Pearls (it drops accessories which you can sell). We have a boss timer/schedule if you need it.


3. Black Spirit Level

Each time you level up your Black Spirit, you get extra CP. To level it up, you must feed gear or Condensed Dark Energy to it. Main Weapons give the most experience and you will usually want to feed 2 slot yellow weapons (Liverto), as that's usually the most cost effective item.


Note: The Dark Energy EXP bonus increases the amount of experience you get when feeding. The bonus increase can come from Lightstones and pet skills.

4. Collection

You can get more CP from filling your collection, which requires you adding specific items to it. If you don't know how to get a specific item, most of the time you'll see a button that tells you where.


5. Passive Skills

Just like your regular skills, there's a passive AP and a passive DP skill. There is also a Skill Training Effect bonus, which increases in time as you keep learning skills.


6. Outfits

Outfits are split into Armor and Weapon. Both of those offer CP. A purple piece gives 5 AP and 5 DP, while a yellow one give 16-25 AP and 16-25 DP (random roll). To get a yellow outfit (Seasonal), you will need to fuse 2 purple outfits together. The result is not guarantee to be yellow, it's just a chance. If you fail, you will get one purple outfit, so you essentially lose one.


While Outfits are a White Pearls item, you can also buy them with Silver in the market (rarely, people don't really sell them), or you can craft them in your camp using the Dye Workshop. You should start with the weapon outfit first, as it's much cheaper to craft and provides the same stats.

Note: if you somehow end up with two yellow outfits, you can fuse them for a guarantee yellow. However, the stats won't be guarantee higher than your current ones, it's still random